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Keto Brandy Truffle Semifreddo

Updated: May 29

Soft & creamy no-churn Double Chocolate Ice Cream with a little Brandy kick

Keto ice cream balls in a bowl
Keto semifreddo

This recipe took a while to get right but now it works like a charm. The brandy stops the mixture from freezing solid, so it scoops perfectly from the freezer every time.

The best keto Ice Cream I've had in years. Thank you! – Jane Williams

Ice cream has been an obsession of mine for a great many years. Which is definitely some of the reason I got up to 25 stone. Once I had started keto in earnest and began to lose weight, I wanted some keto ice cream, so I bought a recipe book. The book came from the US & used several different sweeteners and unusual ingredients including, of all things, locust bean gum. At this point I had been a Chef for 20 years and I had never seen locust been gum.

It was this silly recipe book with its silly ingredients that made me decide to use only normal ingredients when I wrote my own recipe book Everyone Deserves Dessert.

Keto Brandy Truffle Semifreddo

Serves four


280g double cream

15g unsweetened cocoa powder

30g Truvia sweetener

70g brandy

25g 85% dark chocolate (preferably sugar free)

3 medium eggs

⅛ tsp salt

1.      Whisk the cream and cocoa powder together in a bowl until the mixture forms soft peaks. 

2.      Finely grate the dark chocolate with a microplane or similar. 

3.      Beat the eggs on high speed in a stand mixer until they are pale and light. 

4.     Heat the brandy, salt and sweetener together in a small saucepan until the sweetener has all dissolved and small bubbles start to form.

5.     Add the grated chocolate to the eggs and return to beating on high speed. 

6.     Immediately pour the brandy mixture into the eggs in a thin stream, while still beating.

7.     The eggs will deflate, this is normal. 

8.     Whisk the egg mixture into the whipped cream in three parts.

9.     Transfer to a freezer safe container and cover with a lid.

10.  Freeze for at least eight hours or overnight.

11.   To serve, remove from the freezer and allow to soften for a minute or two before scooping.


The semifreddo can also be frozen in a terrine mould or loaf tin, turned out and sliced to serve. Alternatively individual ring moulds or similar metal moulds can be used.


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